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pink torrent

Today I’m going to volunteer my time in a local mall sitting at a table for two hours. (Westroads Mall – my shift is from 2-4 if anyone wants to come by!) The Komen people are hosting some kind of … Continue reading

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Jill’s Story

My post the other day had some of the facts wrong about “Jill’s” story. She graciously wrote to me and gave me more insight into her story and as I read her email I wept. She has given me permission … Continue reading

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September Sorrow

Yesterday, 9/11/12, was a day of remembrance for our nation. Eleven years ago our country experienced our most egregious attack and thousands of people mourned the loss of loved ones, stolen from their lives forever. Our losses and their effects … Continue reading

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biopsy experiences

I want to begin by expressing my gratitude for many amazing medical professionals who have helped me immensely through my two-time battle with breast cancer.  My goal in writing about some of my unfortunate and unnecessarily painful experiences is to … Continue reading

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Introduction-Kris’s Story

The Breast Blog Ever has just become a reality! Yay! My name is Kris Beauchamp and it has been in my heart as well that of Dr. Edibaldo Silva, my surgical oncologist, to collaborate on this blog!  Dr. Silva comes … Continue reading

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